Written from the heart of personal experience, Ashes To Ashes is an anthem of defiance against religious authority and servitude.

Filmed and produced by . . .

. . . Shawn Boone Jr. of Spin Kick Productions, "Sparks 3.33" is one of the first singles from the Buffalo, NY based electronic rock band, Optic Oppression. Based off of the hit song from their debut EP, Find A Way, "Sparks 3.33" exemplifies the modernized, full band sound that this outfit has evolved into. Fusing elements from a variety of genres to create their own unique vitality, their new single explores the world of light in the darkness, and the machine in humanity. Join in their darkened world as you see the sparks start to fly.

The third in a series of 2019 single releases by Optic Oppression, Awkward Girlfriend is an artistically abstract song. Comprised of the raw feelings and emotions that drive us all at our cores, this song is a riddle. Is it about sexual duality? Is it about BDSM? Is it about getting caught playing with your mom’s makeup and trying on her clothes as a child?

Optic's second single release of 2019, See No Evil is a song about throat choking, plate throwing domestic drama. But the video is about so much more ;)

Our very first amateur music video and our first single release of 2019. Drawn from personal experiences of childhood institutions and lock-ups, No Fucks Given was written for people who find themselves pushed to the point of snapping, with nothing left to lose. Complete with sex AND violence! My favorite part is 2:31 lol. Don't know who that girl was, but it was an Antifa rally. Hope she's alright. "Damn hippies!"