Out of western NY, Optic Oppression is a synth-rock phenomenon comprised of Kendall Cage, Mike Novo, Greg Burt and Arrow Real. Born from the culmination of the band’s twisted childhood traumas, incarcerations and abuse Optic is about the human evolution – not just of ourselves but of society - and emerging from the struggle scarred, but stronger than ever. Splicing deranged audio samples together with rock guitars and throwing it over a hard rhythmic backbone with a touch of EDM, the band brings to life the sordid stories felt by so many but spoken by so few.


To many in the Buffalo, NY music scene Optic Oppression is considered a local supergroup. Each member has committed their lives to the world of music with many stories to tell from their adventures (While on tour at a Jane’s Addiction concert, Mike once helped Etty Farrel steal the food out of Dave Navarro’s dressing room). The various members have toured with KoRn, Otep, Sevendust, iwrestledabearonce and Mushroomhead, and have also shared the stage with many other national/international bands - Flyleaf, Avenged Sevenfold, Pigface, Zeromancer, Assemblage 23 and Psyclon Nine just to name a few.

On the forefront of musical evolution, Optic Oppression wields production as an instrument in itself. Combining musical influences ranging from hard rock to industrial, synth pop to electronica, Optic Oppression walks the now shattered line between the analog and digital worlds. With a dark electronic writing style that has been described as "innovative" and "more than industrial", the members are now hungry for a new tour, seeking to grasp the cutting-edge and carve out a niche of their own in a musical world where it seems everything has been done before.

As owner of Outer Limit Recording Studio, I deal with bands and artists all day, every day. One that sits at the very top of the heap is Optic Oppression. Kendall Cage, the composer, producer, and lead singer for the project, has captured a sound that is among the best I’ve been involved in in my 20 years of running the studio. I could easily see his more commercial songs in rotation between Disturbed and Korn or NIN on any rock station. His heavy electronic rock makes every head bob when people hear it. I don’t give out compliments unless they are absolutely warranted, so believe me when I say that you’re about to hear something worth your while.
— Ken Rutkowski, Outer Limit Recording Studio
Optic Oppression - Innovative, eclectic, a pure writer and the future of Rock/Industrial.
— Thaddeus Nauden, President, Stage Recordings & Publishing, LLC.
Everything on Find A Way is consistently good, and the production quality is top-notch. With songs that sound slick and radio-friendly, and simmering verses punctuated with big choruses, I look forward to hearing more from them in the months and years to come.
— Ryan Gurnett, All WNY Radio Album Review Staff Writer
I’m not sure where they’ve been hiding, but their live show rocked the house and their CD blew my mind. Optic Oppression is performing and recording music on an entirely different level than most and the world needs to see this. Check out their local show while you can.
— Rob Loiacano, All Music & All Bands: Local, National, Worldwide